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The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is a vest for carrying your body armor. It is designed to provide the ultimate in safety and protection. Its design is simple but durable, with a four-strap arm band. It is made of a material that is highly resistant to heat and pressure, so you can use it in any environment. You can also find several sizes to suit the size of your body armor. To find the right size for you, contact your local retailer.

If you’re shopping for a new plate carrier, make sure to look for one that matches the specifications you need. Be sure to ask about sizing, since there are varying standards. For example, the military and law enforcement use a standard called SAPI for Medium-sized plates. However, civilians and military personnel may have different standards. That means that you may need to purchase a carrier that fits your particular size.

The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is the latest in body armor products. This carrier was developed to meet the toughest needs of today’s law enforcement officers. The design was initially developed for law enforcement personnel to overcome the problems of mounting the body armor on their bodies. It has since evolved into a fully lined plastic sleeve that offers maximum protection and comfort. It is also lightweight and very easy to carry. If you’re looking for a plate carrier that will meet your needs, you should take these considerations into account.

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