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The TACTOP plate carrier backpack is the perfect solution to transport your plates. Its durable design makes it perfect for walking, climbing mountains, or just hanging around the house. Its four adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to wear. The TACTOP plate carrier backpack comes with plenty of features to make your work easier. It features padded shoulder straps, which are crucial for carrying heavy plates. And, with the included Tactoplate lanyard, you can easily attach your plates.

Designed for rapid deployment, the TACTOP plate carrier is an essential piece of military equipment for many operations. The Tactoplate carrier is a lightweight and versatile way to transport your armor. It is made from high-quality materials, which make it ideal for the job. The TacTec is also available in pistol and rifle builds. You can choose from either a’silver or blue’ version. Depending on your preference, you can also get a Tactoplate carrier with a’red’ color, which means it’s a good option for soldiers who like to carry multiple pieces of armor.

For a better fit, you can customize the Tac TOP with insert plates. The webbing used is 3D printed and Bar-Tack reinforced to ensure that the plates don’t shift. It’s also compatible with many rear load-bearing systems, including chest rig mounts and extensions. In addition to ensuring the best fit, the Tactical Plate Carrier is also comfortable to wear. This makes it an excellent choice for soldiers who need to carry their armor at all times.